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Red Movie Songs MP3 Download - Listen Online or Offline

Red Movie Songs Download: How to Enjoy the Soundtrack of the Action-Comedy Film

If you are a fan of action-comedy movies, you might have heard of or watched Red Movie, a 2010 film starring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, and Mary-Louise Parker. The movie is based on a comic book series of the same name and follows a group of retired CIA agents who are targeted by a mysterious assassin. The movie is full of humor, suspense, romance, and of course, action. But did you know that the movie also has a great soundtrack that complements its tone and theme? In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Red Movie songs download, including what the movie is about, what songs are in it, why you should listen to them, and how to download them legally and safely.

red movie songs download


What is Red Movie and Why You Should Watch It

The Plot and the Cast of Red Movie

Red Movie follows Frank Moses (Bruce Willis), a former CIA agent who lives a boring and lonely life. He only finds joy in talking to Sarah Ross (Mary-Louise Parker), a customer service agent who handles his pension checks. One night, Frank's house is attacked by a team of assassins who want to kill him. Frank manages to escape and decides to protect Sarah, who is also in danger because of their phone conversations. Frank then reunites with his old colleagues Joe Matheson (Morgan Freeman), Marvin Boggs (John Malkovich), and Victoria Winslow (Helen Mirren), who are also retired CIA agents with the code name "RED" (Retired Extremely Dangerous). Together, they try to find out who is behind the assassination attempt and why they are being hunted down.

The Genre and the Style of Red Movie

Red Movie is a blend of action and comedy genres, with elements of thriller, romance, and adventure. The movie is fast-paced, witty, and entertaining, with many scenes of gunfights, explosions, car chases, and hand-to-hand combat. The movie also has a lot of humor, mostly from the contrast between the old-fashioned and quirky personalities of the protagonists and the modern and serious situations they face. The movie also has some romantic moments between Frank and Sarah, who develop a genuine connection despite their age difference and their unusual circumstances. The movie is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of action violence and brief strong language.

What are the Songs in Red Movie and Why You Should Listen to Them

The List and the Description of the Songs in Red Movie

The soundtrack of Red Movie consists of 12 songs that are played during various scenes in the movie. Here is the list and the description of the songs in Red Movie:

Song Title


Scene Description

Home In Your Heart

Solomon Burke

Frank leaves his house after killing the team and travels to Sarah's house.

I Want to Be Loved

Muddy Waters

Frank is driving in New Orleans with Sarah restrained in the back. He ties her up in a motel room.

Doctor My Eyes

Jackson Browne

Sarah wakes up in the car to find herself in New York City with Frank.

Cissy Strut

The Meters

Dance scene at Marvin 's house. Frank and Sarah dance together.

Don't Stop

Fleetwood Mac

Frank and Sarah are in a car chase with William Cooper (Karl Urban), a CIA agent who is ordered to kill them.

Love's Theme

Love Unlimited Orchestra

Frank and Sarah kiss in the car after escaping from Cooper.

Mr. Pitiful

Otis Redding

Frank and Sarah meet Victoria, who agrees to help them.

Back in the Saddle Again


Frank, Sarah, Marvin, and Victoria go to the CIA headquarters to find out who is behind the conspiracy.

The End of the World

Skeeter Davis

Frank and Sarah are in a hotel room in Chicago. Frank tells Sarah that he loves her.

You and Me

Alice Cooper

Frank and Sarah are in a diner with Marvin, who tells them that they have to go to Moldova to find the source of the conspiracy.

The Stars and Stripes Forever

John Philip Sousa

Frank, Sarah, Marvin, and Victoria arrive in Moldova and meet Ivan Simanov (Brian Cox), a former KGB agent who is Frank's old friend and Victoria's lover.

Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long, Long Time)

Elton John

Frank, Sarah, Marvin, Ivan, and Victoria storm the mansion of Alexander Dunning (Richard Dreyfuss), a corrupt businessman who is behind the conspiracy.

The Girl from Ipanema

Astrud Gilberto, João Gilberto, and Stan Getz

The final scene of the movie. Frank and Sarah are on a beach in Moldova, enjoying their retirement. Marvin shows up with a rocket launcher and tells them that they have a new mission.

The Music Genre and the Mood of the Songs in Red Movie

The songs in Red Movie are mostly from the genres of rock, soul, blues, funk, and pop. They are songs that are catchy, upbeat, energetic, and nostalgic. They reflect the mood and the theme of the movie, which is about living life to the fullest, having fun, and not giving up. The songs also create a contrast between the old-fashioned and the modern, the serious and the humorous, and the ordinary and the extraordinary. The songs also enhance the emotions and the relationships of the characters, such as Frank and Sarah's romance, Frank and Marvin's friendship, and Victoria and Ivan's passion.

How to Download the Songs in Red Movie Legally and Safely

The Benefits and the Risks of Downloading Songs Online

If you want to enjoy the songs in Red Movie anytime and anywhere, you might want to download them online. Downloading songs online has many benefits, such as convenience, affordability, variety, and quality. You can download songs online from different websites and apps that offer a wide range of music genres, artists, albums, and playlists. You can also download songs online in different formats, such as MP3, WAV, FLAC, or AAC. You can also download songs online in different qualities, such as 128 kbps, 320 kbps, or lossless. However, downloading songs online also has some risks, such as legality, security, privacy, and reliability. You might download songs online from websites or apps that are illegal or unauthorized by the music owners or distributors. This might result in legal consequences or penalties for violating copyright laws or terms of service. You might also download songs online from websites or apps that are unsafe or malicious. This might result in viruses secure, and reliable websites or apps that offer the best quality, variety, and price. We hope this article has helped you learn more about Red Movie songs download and how to enjoy them. Happy listening!

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Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Red Movie songs download:

  • Where can I watch Red Movie online?

You can watch Red Movie online on various streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and iTunes. However, you might need a subscription or a rental fee to access the movie. You can also check the availability of the movie in your region and device before you watch it online.

  • Who composed the original score of Red Movie?

The original score of Red Movie was composed by Christophe Beck, a Canadian composer who is known for his work on movies such as The Hangover, Frozen, Ant-Man, and WandaVisio

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