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Microsoft Hyperv Network Switch Default Miniport Driver Windows 81 16

This stoppage is by design and happens because KDNET takes exclusive control over the NIC it's configured to use. The native NDIS miniport for that NIC isn't loaded by the OS. The external networking switch can then no longer communicate with the native NDIS miniport driver and stops working. To work around this situation, do the following:

Microsoft Hyperv Network Switch Default Miniport Driver Windows 81 16


godosail 19191a764c -hyper-v-network-switch-default-miniport-driver-windows-81-131[ -hyper-v-network-switch-default-miniport-driver-windows-81-131 ][ -hyper-v-network-switch-default-miniport-driver-windows-81-131 ][ -hyper-v-network-switch-default-miniport-driver-windows-81-131 ]link= -hyper-v-network-switch-default-miniport-driver-windows-81-131link= -hyper-v-network-switch-default-miniport-driver-windows-81-131link= -hyper-v-network-switch-default-miniport-driver-windows-81-131

Note By default, VMQ is disabled on the Hyper-V virtual switch for virtual machines that are using 1-gigabit network adapters. VMQ is enabled on a Hyper-V virtual switch only when the system is using 10-gigabit or faster network adapters. This means that by disabling VMQ on the Broadcom network adapter, you are not losing network performance or any other benefits because this is the default. However, you have to work around the driver issue.

Before you reset network settings, make sure that you have tried all typical network diagnostic tools: checked IP settings, switch/router/provider operability, updated network adapter drivers, restarted your computer, used the built-in Windows Network Troubleshooter tool (the command to run it: msdt.exe /id NetworkDiagnosticsNetworkAdapter ), etc. If neither of the methods helped you to fix the network issue, you can try to reset the network settings. 350c69d7ab

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