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Eminem-U Wanna Be Me (Nas) Mp3

1.Lose yourself - Eminem 1/2 The song that took the whole of US by storm topping the Billboard chart for many weeks. A fast paced song which deals with the psyche of the wannabe white Jimmy Smith a.k.a Rabbit. Excellent 2. Love Me - Obie Trice, Eminem & 50 Cent1/2 A nice slow-paced song with, if I may say, quite a sinister beat and lyrics to match. 50 Cent shines here, but Obie,I am afraid, raps as if with a lump in his throat. Em is,as usual, brilliant. Sample this..''I am the equivalent of what would happen if Bush rapped!'' .Good 3. 8 Mile - Eminem Another gem from Em, a long 6 minute song where he delivers as many as 3 long verses, each succeeding pregressively in impact as well as in rhyme. The best song in the album for me. 4. Adrenaline Rush - Obie Trice One of the few blemishes in the album. Obie is certainly not pleasant to listen to, especially when he spits the ''motha'' word in every verse, apart from the chorus. Ordinary lyrics but good beats. 5. Places to Go - 50 Cent

Eminem-U Wanna Be Me (Nas) mp3

EPMD, we're back in business (what?)Livin' in cramped conditions, we'll give you ammunitionI stock those shelves, I got more shells like Taco Bell and I'm not gon' failI got no L's (Noels) like ChristmasYou don't wanna make the claws (Claus) come out (nah)Y'all should call yourselves Santa (why?)'Cause none of y'all are real (nah)Not a single one (like what?), like a dollar bill (yeah)It's like your bitch in the appellate court, she's on a pill (appeal)We got her a bond and she'llNever bail on me (nail on me), not even outta jailEPMD, but me, I gots no chills (ch-chill)Just a lotta skrillLady, my paper's so crazy, I just tossed a mill' out the windowOf my mobile on the fuckin' freeway on the way here (yeah)Like Rudolph and his homies when they pullin' the sleigh, yeahThat's a lot of bucks flyin' when I'm makin' it rain, dearGreen on me but no weed, shorty, just these, darlingA pocket full of pills, some are Tylenol 3s, prolly' two or three MollySo some are E, which reminds me of rap summaryMami, my theme song, me and PAlways used to play that shit on repeat all daySo please call me Big Daddy (Daddy)Plus I got the 'caine and lean on me (yeah)MCs, I'm eatin' you B-I-T-C-H's like tortilla chipsMe, I'm free of debt, yeah, green is on Chia Pet (woo)This is the effects of my old neighborhood misery indexPoverty at its peak, OCD and PTSD I guessR.I.P. out to DMX, Stezo, E and NipseyEcstasy and Prince Markie Dee, MF DOOM, I hit 50 via textTold him that I love him 'cause I don't even know when I'ma see him next (nah)Tomorrow could be your death (bring that beat back)Yeah, and this shit ain't for the faint'Cause the brain's iller trained, killer, danger, derangedAnd I drank all the DayQuil (yeah) I blank on the paperThen wait 'til the page fill up (what?)Hate spiller shameful the strength of a pain pill or tranq'I just pray for the day when I'm able to say that I'm placed with the greatsAnd my name's with the Kanes, and the Waynes, and the JaysAnd the Dres, and the Yes, and the DrakesAnd the J Dillas, Jadas, Cool Js, and the RasAnd amazin' as Nas is, and praise to the Gods of thisShout to the golden age of hip-hop and the name of this song is

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