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Distraction By Kelly Fox

Behind the scenes: "It is a distraction," one House Republican told Axios, saying there is a "high level of frustration with rank-and-file members" about the focus on relitigating Jan. 6.

Distraction by Kelly Fox

Alongside a video shared to Instagram, the "Transformers" star wrote a winding screed about how life-changing their relatively short courtship has been, hilariously ending it by casually noting, "I said yes ...and then we drank each other's blood." We'll probably never know whether these two are actively trolling us or not, but with a global health crisis still raging, Kelly and Fox's overwrought romance provides a welcome distraction. With more attention on the rapper turned rock star then ever before, it's time to take a closer look at his myriad tattoos.

The media is creating forms of distraction, denial and delusion. Distraction is powerful in keeping society from discussing the important issues. We should all be sitting down and having uncomfortable conversations with our friends, family members and peers about the complex issues at hand.

We are in a culture where spectacle is more important than substance, and celebrity is more important than accomplishment. This is a danger. The ongoing, continuous circus does take a toll on our ability to think clearly. So, when we should be talking about issues of war and peace, economic choice and ecological destruction, we get drawn into the latest scandal, or the newest nude photos, and those things are all a distraction.

Megyn Kelly is shown on Dec. 6 on the New York set of ?The Kelly File,? a live program on the Fox News Channel where she interrupts and challenges guests whenever they resort to talking points or petty distractions. Illustrates MEDIA-KELLY (category e), by Dan Zak (c) 2013 The Washington Post. Moved Thursday, Dec. 12, 2013. (MUST CREDIT: Photo by Jesse Dittmar for The Washington Post).

NEW YORK - The anchor who might beat Bill O'Reilly gets her eyelash extensions applied one at a time, with tweezers and dabs of glue, about 90 minutes before showtime, right after a motorized gun sprays foundation over her face, neck, shoulders, collarbone and sternum, wiping out a galaxy of light freckles that spreads across her ... Let me stop you right there. Would you write this way about a man? About O'Reilly himself? At least that's what Megyn Kelly might ask at this point. Kelly, 43, is the host of 'The Kelly File,' a live TV program that airs weeknights at 7 on the Fox News Channel, where she interrupts and challenges guests whenever they resort to talking points or petty distractions.

At least that's what Megyn Kelly might ask at this point. Kelly, 43, is the host of "The Kelly File," a live TV program that airs weeknights at 7 on the Fox News Channel, where she interrupts and challenges guests whenever they resort to talking points or petty distractions. It debuted about three months ago, and so far its ratings among 25-to-54-year-olds have exceeded those of "The O'Reilly Factor" six times. In November, her first full month in prime time after years in daytime, Kelly was second only to O'Reilly in the overall ratings, which means she's the No. 2 person on cable news' No. 1 channel.

If one was to miss MGK's wagging body part, Fox's all-black Mugler cutout dress, per E! News, could be the source of the distraction. In a sleek gown strategically covering some of her torso, Fox evoked callbacks to the infamous see-through fishnet slip Rose McGowan wore at the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards and inspired shocked Twitter reactions. One that read, "My goodness where are your ladies clothes?" "Didn't we get tgi from Angelina Jolie 20 years ago?" Another tweeted not un-astutely.

But Trump has proven a master at shifting the public conversation, and some observers, including Kelly, express concern that he is using social media as a tool for distraction. That may force news organizations to pause before leaping on coverage of the latest presidential tweet.

"I will not allow my presence to become a distraction from the work that must be done every day to ensure that Fox News and Fox Business continue to lead our industry," Ailes wrote in a statement announcing his resignation.

It is tough to be left alone with your thoughts for the five to ten minutes it takes to reach your final destination. More than that, we have conditioned ourselves to move through life while flipping from one source of intellectual, social or comedic enrichment to another. A smartphone allows you to be a tap away from all three. However, by making the conscious effort to go phone-free during your walk, you may discover that you have the mental fortitude to get to where you need to go without needing a distraction.

The New York Times article, the Instagram story, the half-written text, even this article will still be there when you arrive at your destination. Filling every gap in time with a distraction is a slippery slope toward an unhealthy relationship with technology. Putting down your screen is an exercise of mindfulness and an expression of kindness towards yourself and those around you.

AR: Ah, the meaty questions! Indeed, the Iraq situation continues to be grim, especially because I believe the recent security gains are temporary at best and a distraction from profound strategic problems at worst. The thing that most observers miss is, I think, the possibility that Iraq could get much, much worse for the U.S.-both tactically and strategically-than it is now. Currently between 80 and 90 percent of the Iraqi population is relatively acquiescent toward U.S. forces, with the anti-U.S. violence mostly being perpetrated by Sunnis and a very small number of Shiites. If the Shiites, especially, were to turn on us in any significant way, the present situation would seem tame by comparison, and the Shiites are increasingly dissatisfied with U.S. strategy (as they should be, seeing as how we're funding and arming their opposition in Anbar). The other structural dynamic that is terribly overlooked is the situation in Basra. While most reporters and pundits look at the Sunni west, the real prize is in the south, and the battle for the vast majority of Iraq's oil wealth is happening without any apparent engagement or even attention from the U.S. It's a profoundly negligent approach. 041b061a72

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